VOYAGER is a photo archival project launched in September of 2018 by photographer Phil Provencio.

Its aim is to document, celebrate and expand appreciation for New York artists and entrepreneurs. Its archives include musicians, actors, comedians, writers & creative types far removed from the norms of 9 to 5 lifestyles capturing moments in time of growth, industry hardships, shared successes and most important advice for future generations to improve upon. LIVE FEED is a continuation of Voyager initially launched in April of 2008 outside California. Its feed is an active photo transmission of nature, people, sought-out destinations and scenes of beauty found in everyday life. The archives are meant to bring viewers a deeper appreciation for life, nature, and moments of calm and tranquility in an rapidly changing digital and world culture. Since it's initial '08 launch, LIVE FEED has transmitted dozens of hundreds of images spanning over 4 continents.

Per Aspera Ad Astra
— through hardship to the stars